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Teacher Profile

In religious studies, it is important for us to know the background of our teachers.

The following is shared with the sole aim of providing clarity for prospective students.

Ustaz Abu Sufian, (ARS), also known as Brother Sufian, graduated with a Diploma in Islamic Studies from IIUM.  He has been an active imam and muezzin at several mosques in Singapore for more than 20 years, such as Al-Falah Mosque and Darul Makmur Mosque.  He was formerly a trainer with the Teens Alive programme when it was first rolled out by MUIS as a pilot programme.  He was also formerly a teacher with the madrasah at MRKL Mosque, as well as with Attartil CS under the tutelage of Ust Zulkiflee Bachik.

Bro Sufian was part of the pioneer batches of asatizah who enrolled voluntarily in ARS under Pergas in 2005.  Subsequently, he also obtained a certification under QTRS (for Quran teachers) under Darul Quran, before the scheme was reintegrated into the ARS under MUIS.

As a professional social worker and counsellor working with families and working with mental health issues, Bro Sufian has facilitated pre-marriage and pre-divorce programmes endorsed by both the ROMM and the Syariah Court, and was mentored by esteemed asatizah resource persons within both practice domains. 

He has also conducted training for asatizah in the field of mental health for MUIS and counselling for PERGAS, as well as provided counselling support for asatizah.

In the community, Bro Sufian has also held posts as Head of Converts Development Division at Darul Arqam, and Honorary Secretary at Darul Makmur Mosque.

He is a contemporary of an informal group of Quran teachers under the name Quran United.  Occasionally, he also delivers courses at MuslimParents.SG.

Bro Sufian holds an oral ijazah of the recitation of the Quran in the narration of Imam Hafs from Imam Asim, by way of Imam Shatibi.  He received his ijazah from his teacher, Ust Hj A (the senior teacher from Madrasah Aljunied al-Islamiah who declines to be named), after completing his recitation in person over the course of 10 years. 

He still continues to read with his Ustaz till present in the way of Imam Jazari. 

As part of his continuous learning over the years, Bro Sufian has also recited in the presence of several local asatizah specialized in Quran recitation in Singapore, may Allah SWT reward all of them.  

He is currently learning the recitation in the narration of Imam Warsh from Imam Nafi', by way of Imam Azraq.  


You may wish to check his recitation here.   

May Allah SWT continuously reward and bless all the esteemed teachers who have passed down their invaluable knowledge to us!   


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