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FAQs On Solat Coaching


Why personalized solat coaching?

At MuslimParents.SG, we have conducted several runs of basic solat courses and felt that students at times attend with varying levels of ability and experience.  Thus, we have decided to develop a personalized service which can attend to the individual needs of students instead.  This will also allow students to learn according to their needs and speed.

What will we cover during the sessions?

We will cover basic and introductory aspects of wudhu, essentials of solat (including recitations) and several unique circumstances such as congregational prayer, Eid and funeral prayers.

How is this conducted online?

From our experience, there are many aspects of teaching and learning that may be conducted effectively online.  These include explaining theoretical concepts, reviewing recitations, displaying some practical movements, picture slides and videos.  We also believe that it is important to have in-person sessions to accurately review the learning of the student especially aspects that cannot be accurately captured with audiovisual conferencing.  Therefore, this service will be conducted in hybrid to cover both aspects. 

Level of Entry

How many lessons do I require?

The number of lessons required depends on the student's level of ability.  Some students may be starting from scratch and will thus take some time to memorize recitations in prayer.  In such cases, the students may continue until such time that they have gained enough confidence to perform the prayers correctly.  Such students may also focus the bulk of the lessons on making sure that the recitations are read correctly. 


In other cases, some students may already be very familiar with prayers only need minor corrections and have very specific needs.  These needs may be resolved very quickly with only a few lessons.

Are there any age limits?

There is no maximum age of entry and we highly encourage gentlemen young and old to enrol. 

(This service is only available for gentlemen as it is conducted by male teaching staff and involves interaction surrounding wudhu and prayer movements.)

The minimum age of entry is 13 years old (Secondary One). 

For children below Secondary One, we recommend that their fathers or male guardians attend our lessons and then privately convey the lessons to the children at their own time and setting.

Study Materials

Are there any learning materials and are they included in the costs of lessons?

We will be using the following book for reference, "Let's Pray: Guidebook for the Performance of Prayer" for Males, published by Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore.  Once enrolled, the teacher will liaise with you regarding the purchase of the book, and there may be an additional cost for delivery charges.  

Lesson Logistics

How many students can attend per lesson?

The lessons are individualized and only the registered student can attend per lesson.

Can I change the face-to-face lesson to an online lesson?

The face-to-face review is also designed with the purpose of ensuring the quality of our teaching and for students to receive the best possible instruction.  While online lessons are a convenient way of learning, they cannot wholly substitute the experience of reviewing recitations and wudhu and prayer movements in person.  Thus, face-to-face reviews can only be changed to an online lesson under very exceptional circumstances such as if the student has already been reviewed in-person once and does not require further corrections in-person.  

Where are the face-to-face lessons held?

The lessons are held at our centre here.

When are the lessons held?

You may book the lessons based on your preference and the slot availability using the link here


Please note that packages have a 3-month validity to ensure that your learning experience is continuous.  If you do not complete the package within the validity period, your outstanding lessons will be forfeited.  Lessons and Packages are non-refundable subject to our cancellation policy below.


How do I make payment for lessons?

This is a paid service which reimburses the teacher for the professional time to coach specific aspects of the student's needs.  

Payments must be made within 24 hours of requesting for lesson via the booking calendar, otherwise the slot will be released for other students to book.


We currently only accept payment via PayNow.  For payment instructions, please refer here


Can I reschedule my lessons after booking them?

Yes, you may reschedule at a rate of 50% of your lesson package.  For example, for a Package of 4 lessons, you are entitled to reschedule on a maximum of 2 occasions.  

For single lessons (without packages), you are entitled to reschedule only once.

These terms are subject to the timing of the cancellation as stipulated below.

What happens if I cancel less than 24 hours before the start of my confirmed lesson?

Student Requests for Reschedule:   
Lesson cannot be rescheduled and lesson will be forfeited.

Teacher Requests for Reschedule:
Teacher will add one free lesson to package as a goodwill gesture.

What happens if I cancel more than 24 hours before the start of my confirmed lesson?

Either Student or Teacher Requests for Reschedule: 

Lesson will be retained in package and rescheduled to a new date.  

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