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FAQs On Quran Lessons


Do I need to read from a text for Al-Fatihah++?

No, you do not need to and you can recite from memory as these recitations are already included in your obligatory daily prayers (solah).

I cannot recite Surah Al-Fatihah.  Should I still get it reviewed?

If you have already self-assessed, or been assessed, that you are unable to recite Surah al-Fatihah, and would like to proceed to learn how to recite it properly, you may simply proceed on to sign up for a lesson and do not need to have your recitation of it reviewed again.

Can I get other recitations reviewed eg. Surah Al-Ikhlas, Ayatul Kursi etc?

Yes, but only after the essential recitations in Solah have been reviewed.  Namely, Surah Al-Fatihah, Tasyahhud Akhir, Salawat, Takbiratul Ihram and Tasleem. Please note that you are only entitled to one review session.  Once feedback has been given to you, you will be highly encouraged to continue learning to recite the Quran, regardless whether it is with MuslimParents.SG or any other learning platforms and teachers that you prefer. 

Lessons: Level of Entry

I am already reading from the Quran but I'm not sure about my ability to read.  Do I need to start again from scratch? 

You may select a trial lesson and the teacher will check your reading ability.  The teacher will then make recommendations for you accordingly.  There may also be cases where you may be recommended to start again from scratch if the reading continues to contain chronic errors.  This may require practice at a more fundamental level with basic texts, and may be done concurrently with your recitation of the Quran.

I am able to read the Quran but I use an old or another script.  Can I continue to use my copy of the Quran for learning?

Our lessons are all taught using Rasm Uthmani script.  If your lessons require recitation from Quran, you will need to obtain a copy of the Quran written in Rasm Uthmani.  Our Quran lessons are taught in the recitation of Imam Hafs from Imam 'Asim, by the way of Imam Jazari, which is the main recitation recited across the world today.  If you are unsure, you may drop us an email or WhatsApp text and we can advise you accordingly.

Study Materials

Are there any learning texts and are they included in the costs of lessons?

Learning texts are used as a reference for the lessons and you will be reading from them as practice either to prepare or to complement your recitation of the Quran.  The costs of the lessons do not include the purchase of learning texts, as we understand that some students may already have the necessary texts.  If the teacher has recommended for you to use a learning text, then you will need to purchase the texts on your own if you do not already have them, and they cost about SGD20.  We will provide you with the details on where and how to obtain the texts.

What text will I use if I am learning from scratch?

While our lessons are taught in English, we will be teaching how to read Quranic script which is in Arabic.  There are many learning texts that can be used and we recommend using the Tilawati Books 1 and 2 for those learning from scratch.  If you still have other texts that you have used in the past and would like to continue using them, it may be possible.  In general, most texts using the Rasm Uthmani script will be acceptable for use.  Just drop us an email or WhatsApp text to let us know before purchasing any lessons, and we will advise you accordingly insha'Allah.  

Lesson Logistics

How many students can attend per lesson?

We take up to 2 students maximum for our "Brief", "Classic" and "Exclusive" lessons.  This is to ensure that each student receives sufficient attention throughout the lesson duration.   Do note also that the each student is charged individually.
If you would like to have a group session consisting of more than 2 students, please contact us to craft a "Bespoke" arrangement for your needs.  This will include customized lesson durations and costs per student.

Must I attend face-to-face review if I take Brief lesson packages?

Yes.  "Brief" lesson packages are hybrid in nature as they are adapted from the "Classic" lessons for online learning.  Face-to-face reviews are opportunities for the teacher to further confirm your recitation by listening for subtle errors in-person and for students to hear the corrections clearly in-person.

As our private lessons are conducted by an Ustaz, female students can also indicate to meet an Ustazah during the face-to-face review.  

For the Brief lesson packages, can I change the face-to-face review to an online lesson?

The face-to-face review is also designed with the purpose of ensuring the quality of our teaching and for students to receive the best possible instruction.  While online lessons are a convenient way of learning, they cannot wholly substitute the experience of reciting and listening to the Quran in-person.  Thus, face-to-face reviews can only be changed to an online lesson under very exceptional circumstances such as if the student is not physically based in Singapore for an extended period of time.

Where are the face-to-face reviews held for the Brief lesson packages?

They can be held at our centres, at the student's home or workplace, or at a mosque.  You may propose the location and discuss with the teacher insha'Allah.


How do I make payment for lessons and packages?

We currently only accept payment via PayNow to Mobile: +65 88315422 (Sufian). 

Please kindly indicate your name in the reference as (Quran Lesson - Your Name) so that we can cross check it with your lesson booking, and send a screenshot of the transfer to +65 88315422.


What if I do not complete the lessons in my package with a 3-month period?

The stipulation for a 3-month validity is to ensure that your learning experience is continuous.  If you do not complete the package within the validity period, your outstanding lessons will be forfeited.  Lessons and Packages are non-refundable subject to our cancellation policy below.

Can I reschedule my lessons after booking them?

Yes, you may reschedule at a rate of 50% of your lesson package.  For example, if you have obtained a Package of 4, you are entitled to reschedule maximum of 2 occasions.  If you have obtained a Package of 8, you are entitled to reschedule a maximum of 4 occasions.

For single lessons (without packages), you are entitled to reschedule only once.

What happens if I cancel less than 24 hours before the start of my confirmed lesson?

Student Requests for Reschedule:   
Lesson cannot be rescheduled and lesson will be forfeited.

Teacher Requests for Reschedule:
Teacher will add one free lesson to package as a goodwill gesture.

What happens if I cancel more than 24 hours before the start of my confirmed lesson?

Either Student or Teacher Requests for Reschedule: 

Lesson will be retained in package and rescheduled to a new date.  

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