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For parents who want to send their child to a full-time Madrasah or already have a child in full-time madrasah, this is a webinar not to be missed!


Madrasah Parent from a Secular Background: The Challenges

By Hafiz Noorahman


Bro Hafiz is a parent to current and former madrasah students. Having come from a secular background, he will share the challenges when it comes to being a madrasah parent, and how to better prepare yourself should you choose this journey too.


From Madrasah to a Junior College: Making the Jump

By Harun Abdullah

Harun is one of the few madrasah students who made the jump to a local Junior College after his O Levels. He scored good grades in both his academic and ukhrawi subjects, and will share how he juggled all the subjects and why he made his decision.


From Pre-U to Local Uni: Beyond Survival

By Ust Ridhwan Basor


Ust Ridhwan went to a full-time madrasah all the way till Pre-U, and was one of a handful of Madrasah students who went on to pursue a degree in a local university. He will be sharing about the challenges and how to better prepare oneself for life in a secular setting post-madrasah.

Madrasah Hopefuls 2024

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