It is our belief that a child’s first school and madrasah is his home. For a child to love or be fluent in reading the Quran, the parents must first have the basics in tajweed rules so that whatever our children learn in school or at Quran classes can be reinforced at home.

What this course will cover (and why you should attend!):

  1. Basic tajweed rules and skills which are important in reading the Quran accurately

  2. Correcting common mistakes made in reciting Al-Fatihah and other short surahs

  3. Personal feedback given on your reading so you can keep track of your progress.

  4. Babies and kids are allowed in class. Floor seating allowed to accommodate moms who need to take care of their little ones.



  • MUST know how to read joined Arabic (hijaiyah) letters.​



General Details

  • Total number of sessions : 8

  • Venue: North Bridge Centre, 420 North Bridge Road, #04-29. Nearest MRT : Bugis. The building is 2 minutes away from Bugis MRT and is opposite National Library

  • Conducted by: Sis Suliyati Berori, ARS-certified

Fees, Payment and Refunds

  • Fees: $15/session only.

  • $15×8 + $20 (Materials fees – our own coursebook + Learn Quran in 50hours book) = $140

  • Reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram if you need financial assistance

  • Reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram if you require financial assistance

  • Payment and refunds:

  1. Upon registration, please make payments within 3 days to secure your seat.

  2. Upon payment, cancellations made 2 weeks before commencement of class will be entitled for a full refund but will be charged a $10 non-refundable processing fee.

  3. Upon commencement of class, there will be a non-refundable fee of $70 for any cancellations as the seat could have been given to other interested individuals.

  4. If you are unable to attend the class, your seat can be transferred to any individual. Just inform us of this change.