Aqiqah is a sunnah that has been practised by the Prophet SAW for newborn Muslims.

This year, MuslimParents.SG is collaborating with Nur Maharlika to slaughter goats in Alaminos, a rural area in Pangasinan, Philippines. 

Each goat is approximately 25kg and the meat will distributed to around 40pax in Alaminos, specifically the area around Angullia Mosque.

The Aqiqah meat will benefit this growing Muslim community in the Philippines, where it is very hard to find halal meat and food, so your Aqiqah meat will definitely be put to good use by the Muslims there who rarely get to eat meat.

The meat will also be cooked and used to invite non-Muslims to learn more about Islam, hence there is also an opportunity to help the Muslims do dakwah in their area through showcasing generosity in Islam.

Each goat is $220.

Little Lamb