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As our pre-teens approach puberty, we believe it is important for them to understand what is going on in their bodies as well as the necessary obligations (fardhu ain) as Muslims. 

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This programme covers basic aspects of sexual education from an Islamic morality perspective, to complement their exposure to sexual education in school.


We refer to 'Gillick competence' in healthcare and thus, adopt an abstinence-approach towards sexual education topics. 

At the same time, we acknowledge that children are increasingly exposed to issues on sexuality in society and may need a safe space to discuss all their curiosities and concerns. 

Programmes currently cater to students at Upper Primary and Lower Secondary levels.

Let your children join our trainers in exploring more about this aspect of their development.

What will be covered:

  • Physical Development (Hormones & Hygiene)

  • Social & Emotional Development (Moods, People & Communication)

  • Religious Development (Ghusl & Obligations to Allah SWT)


  • Boys' Programme: Ustaz Abu Sufian (ARS, Counsellor & Former TEENS ALive trainer)

  • Girls' Programme: Sis Suliyati Berori (ARS, Former MOE teacher)